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What Makes Pop-Up Campers So Popular?

Is tent camping getting a little old? Sleeping on the ground can get uncomfortable, especially during inclement weather. As you're lying on the soggy landscape, you might start to think that you'd give anything for a comfortable bed that isn't on the hard, uneven ground. If you're ready for a change, you should consider a pop-up camper! In this post, we're talking all about what makes pop-up campers so popular among the RVing community!

What Is A Pop-up?

A pop-up camper is a type of travel trailer, simplified! Typically, they have hard sides on the lower portion of the trailer, much like the sides of larger travel trailers and fifth wheels. The upper portion, however, is made of tent-like material, usually canvas or vinyl. Some types, such as A-frame models, have completely hard sides, and fold down when not in use. There are a few different types of pop-ups, each with their benefits! The most popular type of pop-up is the tent pop-up, which we mentioned before as having soft tent-like upper sides. Similarly, toy hauler pop-ups are usually tent pop-ups, but have a deck on the back of the camper where you can put motorcycles, ATVs, or whatever toys you'd like! A-frame pop-ups have completely hard sides, and its top comes to a point like an 'A.' These types of pop-ups offer more protection from the elements, which can be a plus if you know you'll be staying in places that tend to have more unpredictable weather patterns.


Pop-up campers are great for beginners who are new to camping in trailers! You won't need a super-charged vehicle to tow one of these campers! A van, small SUV, and even cars can pull pop-ups if they have the power! You will always want to calculate your gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) before purchasing to ensure that you will be able to tow a camper! And because you'll have such a low towing profile, there is no need to purchase expensive additional towing equipment like special side mirrors!


In consideration to other types of RVs, pop-ups take a little more effort when it comes to setting them up. You have to stabilize and get them level, raise them up by cracking a winch, and pull out the slides by hand. But anyone who has ever had to struggle with a complicated tent, especially in windy conditions or bad weather, can admit that this sounds like less of a hassle! Breaking down camp is easier too, as you'll have to fold everything up instead of trying to stuff a damp tent back into its carrying case! And when it comes time to go home, you won't have to worry about were to store your pop-up! They are so compact that you can store them at your home or in a garage easily! Although pop-up campers admittedly won't have as many amenities as a bigger RV, they still tend to have a lot of handy features that can make camping easier than staying in a tent! Many newer models come with a sink and stove so you can cook inside if you'd like! Sometimes the stove can be moved outside as well, so you can cook in the fresh air! Some models may even have some sort of toilet so you won't have to run up to the bathhouse so often. They are not always very private, sometimes with only a curtain separating you from the rest of the trailer. If you're not shy, then it could be very convenient!


Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that pop-ups are so popular is the price! They are substantially cheaper than their larger, more heavily loaded counterparts. This makes them great for those who are looking to get into RVing but have a smaller budget or aren't willing to drop that much money into a new hobby. It is also a great fit for those with small families just starting out in RVing, or for those who don't have a lot of disposable income but would still like a getaway trailer! In conclusion, if you're looking to get into RVing but don't want the big price tag, you should consider a pop-up! You'll love how simple and comfortable they are, and you can't beat that price! That's why these great pop-up campers are so popular! What do you love about your pop-up camper? Tell us in the comment section!

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