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Terracotta Flower Pot Camping Hacks

Terracotta isn’t just for flowers anymore! Check out these terracotta flower pot camping hacks for some fun, ingenious ways to take a simple terracotta flower pot and turn it into a totally practical, totally awesome camping accessory you’ll take with you on all of your exciting RVing adventures!


Light up your campsite patio at night with these whimsical solar light holders. First clean a terracotta pot with soap and water and dry it with a lint-free cloth. Apply 1-2 coats of an oil or water-based primer sealant. Then paint the pot a color of your choice using water-based acrylic paint. Don’t skimp on the paint since terracotta will absorb it. A second coat will probably be needed. Let it dry overnight. The next day you can apply a clear acrylic sealant and let this dry too. Once it’s dry, you can turn it upside down, slip a solar light through the drain hole, and decorate your campsite picnic table with it. Or use multiple ones to line a pathway around your patio.


If for some reason you can’t get a roaring campfire going but still want to enjoy some ooey-gooey s’mores, no problem! As long as you have a terracotta pot, some coals, aluminum foil, and lighter fluid, you can create a little s’mores burner right by your feet. Line the inside of the pot with foil and fill it with charcoal. Douse it in lighter fluid and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then light the coals with a long match and your burner should be ready or use.


After you’ve polished off your sticky s’more, corral your pointy, pokey s’mores roasting sticks into one place by making a terracotta s’mores stick holder. Simply fill a terracotta pot with sand and place your s’mores sticks in it (pointy side down). After using it to roast a marshmallow, wipe it clean before inserting it into sand so it’s easy to brush off before using it again.


For those lunches and dinners (or heck, even snack time!) when you just have to have sides like guacamole, salsa, bean dip, queso, spinach dip, and more, simply fill a few small terracotta pots with them and set them on the table. This is such a great look for picnic tables and around the campfire. Just make sure you buy pots without a drain hole or are able to plug the hole before filling it with contents that might drain out the bottom.


Make transporting silverware from your RV to your picnic table a cinch with these cute terracotta silverware holders. Using the same painting supplies as mentioned above in the solar light holder idea, paint these pots with silverware designs on the side. Paint a big fork on the one that holds forks, a spoon on the spoon holder, and a knife for the knife holder. Once the paint is dry, load them up with silverware and they’re ready to be taken outside when food is served!


If your furry friend is your copilot on RVing excursions, he’s going to need some treats to keep him going from Point A to Point B. Grab a terracotta pot that will be a good size for his treats and paint it (same supplies as above) in his favorite color (if you know it!). Or paint her name on the side along with cute paw prints or a bow that you glue on with your hot glue gun. Then make a top for the treat jar using a terracotta saucer turned upside down. Paint it in a coordinating or complementary color and glue a knob onto the top for easy removal.

Do you use terracotta flower pots when you go RVing? Do you use one inside your travel trailer RV for kitchen utensils or in your fifth wheel bathroom for cotton balls or Q-tips? Tell us about it in the comments!

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