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Making RV Bunks More Comfortable

If you’ve ever spent the night in an RV tossing and turning, only to wake up feeling sore and stiff, you aren’t alone. RV bunks are notorious for being lumpy, thin, and just down-right uncomfortable. Typically, RV mattresses are made of poor quality components, making your bed little more than a sack of cheap fiber padding. These scrap materials can break down after a short time and leave you feeling like you're sleeping on hard plywood and metal springs. With so much of your time spent sleeping, you can’t afford to be miserable throughout the night. To help you improve your mid-day catnaps and nighttime slumbers, here are some tips for making RV bunks more comfortable.

New Mattress

Getting a whole new mattress is the most expensive fix for a more comfortable mattress, but it's also the most effective. To do so, simply measure the supporting surface, not the mattress itself, to determine what size your new replacement mattress needs to be. Typically, RV mattresses are around 6 inches shorter than traditional mattresses. You can even find RV bunk mattresses that are double sided, meaning one side of the mattress is soft while the opposite side is firmer and more supportive. Investing in a whole new mattress could be the smartest option for you if campers are frequently and consistently sleeping on the bunks.

Foam Padding

A simple solution to an uncomfortable bed is to put down a layer of foam padding. This is also a relatively inexpensive option that can help you rest better throughout the night. Foam padding is a convenient choice, in that you can customize it easily to fit the size of your bunk. Just stop into your local fabric store where you can order this egg crate-looking foam by the yard. Then just grab a pair of scissors and cut it to the exact size. This affordable and easy option will work great if your bunk could be a tad more accommodating.

Mattress Toppers

Mattress toppers are designed specifically for making beds more comfortable. These pre-made products, while pricier than foam pads, are much more effective at improving the quality of your bunk. Memory foam, goose down, or gel options are all available from a variety of home good stores, such as Bed Bath & Beyond or Ikea. You might struggle to find a size that fits the unique shape of your bunk exactly, because most are designed for traditional mattresses, but you can always cut them down to the correct size. Then just roll them over your already-existing mattress and tuck yourself in for a cozy night of sound sleep!

Blankets & Comforters

For a quick fix to an uncomfortable bunk, use blankets and comforters to pad your mattress before laying down. Get a heavy-duty comforter or sleeping bag that is thick enough to mask the feel of your hard bunk mattress, and use extra blankets to make it feel even thicker and more supportive. Try using linen sheets instead of cotton for a softer feel. While this route may not drastically change the quality of your sleep, it is something to try before resorting to buying a foam topper or new mattress.

Forget the Bunk

If your RV bunk is uncomfortable, forget about it all together. Instead, think outside the bunk and get creative with your sleeping accommodations. Spend your nights snoozing in the fresh air of mother nature with a cozy hammock and warm blanket. Or put an air mattress on the roof of your RV and sleep the night away under an endless star-filled sky. While these options might not make for the most comfortable night of sleep either, they are fun solutions that can make catching your daily Z’s a little more exciting.

Just because you’re in an RV doesn’t mean you have to settle for a poor night's sleep. While RV bunks are known for being rough to sleep on, there are options out there that can help you rest a little better. So don’t waste another night of sweet dreams tossing and turning on your hard, thin RV bunk. Instead, take time and use the resources available to improve the feel of your mattress. Your body will thank you for it in the morning!

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