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Installing Rain Gutters on Your RV

While many newer RVs come equipped with rain gutters, or drip rails, some do not, especially ones that are more than a decade old. If your RV doesn’t have them, you don’t have to accept the fact that your RV will always have unsightly black streaks marking up your otherwise clean exterior. You can easily install PVC plastic RV rain gutters yourself with just a few supplies and a little bit of time. Follow these instructions and you’ll enjoy a streak-free exterior during all of your RV adventures!

Supplies Needed:

How to Install:

  1. Before you can begin your install, it’s very important to clean the area of dirt, debris, oil, and residue. The adhesive on the gutters/rails will not stick if the area isn’t free of contaminants. To do this, mix one part alcohol with one part water in a bowl. Using a clean towel/rag, wipe the area thoroughly, using new rags when needed.

  2. Once the area is dry, you can begin your installation. Start by peeling the adhesive liner off of one end of the gutter/rail and affixing it to the RV, continuing to pull the liner off as you make your way further down the RV. Make sure you don’t touch the adhesive strip, as this will contaminate it and it won’t adhere fully to the RV.

  3. Once you achieve proper installation, apply pressure down the entire length with your hand or other hard instrument to help ensure adhesion.

  4. Allow your new gutter/rail at least 72 hours to completely adhere to your RV before you head out down the road.

That’s it! You’re done! Dew, rain, and A/C moisture build-up will no longer deface your RV’s exterior with black streaks. With these easy-to-install gutters, you can spend more time relaxing and exploring in nature and less time scrubbing your RV's exterior.At Gillette’s Interstate RV in East Lansing, MI, we’re committed to helping you enjoy the fun and excitement of RVing, and this leaves no room for black streaks to put a damper on your adventure. From small travel trailers to large motorized units, we have every type of RV for every kind of adventure. Call, click, or visit us in person to shop our amazing selection of RVs, all priced to sell! Black streaks on your credit? No problem! We offer special no-money-down financing on all of our new and used RVs to help put the RVing life right at your fingertips. Shop Gillette’s today and save $1000s!

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