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Hipcamp: It's Like Airbnb For Camping!

If you dig the idea of Airbnb, the modern travel phenomenon that lets people open up their homes to overnight guests, then you really need to check out Hipcamp! It’s like Airbnb for camping! This incredible startup company puts some of the most beautiful campsites right at your fingertips, so you can make the most out of your trips with your awesome RV from Gillette’s Interstate RV!

What Exactly Is Hipcamp?

Hipcamp is a campsite reservation service that makes it easier than ever to book amazing campsites with the touch of a button! Unfortunately, they don’t have an app out, but a visit to their website lets you browse hundreds of thousands of campsites throughout the U.S.. It includes everything from private residences and established campgrounds to ranches, farms, national parks, army corps parks, federal land, and more!

Trust me, we know how frustrating it can be to search for the perfect campsite. We scour various websites and read countless reviews to recommend quality campgrounds to you, but Hipcamp brings something different to the table. These aren’t exactly campsites that you’ll find by doing a simple web search. These are locations for those who want to get off the beaten path, see something new, enjoy peace & quiet and seclusion, and to share in the natural beauty of the earth!

What Will You Find On Hipcamp?

Even if you aren’t currently planning a trip, browsing around on Hipcamp will give you some serious wanderlust! Our lovely home state of Michigan offers some charming locations on this website, but feel free to browse around in other states too and you’ll find some of the most stunning campsites you’ve ever laid your eyes on! Since this is a California-based company, you’ll especially love the beautiful sites on the Golden Coast, which will have you planning a California RV vacation before you know it!

Hipcamp has evolved over its years in business and continues to find new ways to bring you the best campsites across the U.S. Founded in 2013, the site has recently refined its search criteria, so not only can you search for sites by location, but you can limit results by price, group size, amenities available, activities in the surrounding area, and even the terrain. And with options spanning from a charming rustic back yard to oceanside campsites, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Want To Become a Hipcamp Host?

Do you think you have what it takes to run your own campsite? If so, you should consider hosting for Hipcamp! This is an amazing opportunity to share your little slice of heaven with the world. Isn’t that an integral part of the camping experience? Campers should enjoy the peaceful beauty of their surroundings, and it can be just as rewarding to be the one who provides that to them.

Hipcamp makes it easy to get your property set up to be ready for campers, and even offers their own insurance to keep your property protected. This is an especially incredible opportunity if you’re concerned with preserving your land for future generations, and if you’re looking to make some extra money to help with the upkeep of your property!

Isn’t Hipcamp incredible? This website makes it so easy to find gorgeous campsites that you won’t find anywhere else, so pack up your RV for the vacation of a lifetime! Hipcamp’s main objective is to get more people out and enjoying the beauty of nature and the fun of camping, and with destinations like that, we already have our bags packed!

Here at Gillette’s, we’re inspired by beautiful destinations and life-changing camping trips, which is why we work hard to make RVing affordable for everyone! We deliver the nation’s lowest prices on the nation’s top quality RVs at a fraction of the price of our competitors. We also feel that credit shouldn’t get in the way of making lifelong memories, so we offer great no-money-down in-house financing so you can make your dreams of RV travel a reality!

Try out Hipcamp and let us know what you think! As with any service like this, book with caution when staying at a private residence. But with Hipcamp’s amazing business model, you’ll surely experience nothing but the best! Happy travels!

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