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8 Ways To Keep Your Trash Can Smelling Fresh

When you deposit leftover food and scraps into a trash can, it's inevitable that it'll start to smell foul in just a few hours. And if it happens to be a trash can inside the confined spaces of a hot RV, the smells can quickly take over! So follow these 8 ways to keep your trash can, and your RV, smelling as fresh as a summer's breeze! Because nothing ruins a cross-country American road-trip faster than the smell of rotting chicken or spoiled milk.

Battling Current Odors

If you already have a smelly trash can, those odors can linger long after the trash has been removed. This is especially true for plastic trash cans, as the plastic itself tends to absorb the odors. Here are a few things you can do to rid the can of the odors!

Coffee Grounds
When you’re done making your pot of coffee in the morning, don’t just ditch the grounds. Put them in the bottom of the smelly garbage can and let them sit. They will absorb the odors and also help cover them up with that oh-so-decadent coffee smell!

Many air filters are made with charcoal because it has an amazing ability to absorb orders. If you have a smelly RV trash can on your hands, pulverize some charcoal pieces and put them in the bottom of your trash can. Put the lid on and let them sit overnight. In the morning you should notice that the foul odors are all but gone!

Baking Soda
Baking soda is great for cleaning and absorbing odors! So put it to work in your trash can! Make a baking soda paste with water and scrub the inside of the can with it. After you’re done, let the paste sit in the trash can for a while (and read this post about keeping the inside of your RV clean while you wait). It will pull out any remaining smells in the plastic. Then just rinse the can clean and you have a clean, odor-free trash can!

If you’re battling a pretty bad odor, it may be because bacteria is growing and needs to be killed. You need bleach for this tough job. Before cleaning the can with bleach, make sure to rinse it well. This is very important! You don’t want to risk the possibility of there being ammonia in the trash can and mixing with bleach. This can create deadly mustard gas! You can make a mixture and spray it in the can, or you can soak it for a while for more intense cleaning. Put some bleach in the bottom of the can and then fill the can with hot water. Let it sit for as long as possible to help kill odor-causing bacteria.

Keeping Odors at Bay

Now that you have a sparkling clean trash can, you want to make sure that it stays this way! Follow these steps for making sure that odors don't take up residence in your trash can.

More Baking Soda
Use baking soda to stop the odors before they start. Simply sprinkle a little down in the can before putting the trash bag in. If any odors get beyond the bag, the baking soda will absorb them and keep them from filling your RV with stink.

Cat Litter
Cat litter was created to lock away moisture and odors, so putting a little down in your trash can will help immensely! It will soak up any spilled liquids and trap their odors. When you notice the litter is starting to clump in the bottom, then it’s probably time to throw it out with the trash and put in a new scoop!

Dryer Sheets
Drop a dryer sheet into the bottom of your trash can before adding the bag and let it nicely scent your trash can! It’ll help block out the odors by overpowering them and keeping everything fresh. With so many scents to choose from, you can decide if your RV will smell like fresh cotton or a Pacific breeze!

Lysol is great at keeping away at bay. Spraying it in the garbage can when you change the bag will help kill germs and bacteria and freshen the can. Lysol also comes in lots of different scents!

Now that your RV trash can smells like new, reward yourself for all your hard work with these delectable M&M Kiss Pretzel treats! You deserve it! While trash is just a way of life, it doesn’t have to become a lingering reminder of what you had for dinner last night. Get that trash can cleaned out and smelling nice again! Your nose will thank you for it!

Do you have a great tip for keeping a trash can free of nasty odors? Let us know in the comments below!

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